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Do Plants Grow With a Liquid Other Than Water?
by  Catherine D.

*Hypothesis * Abstract * Materials * Procedure * Results * Conclusion *



 I think the plant with vinegar will die because vinegar is an acid.  I also think that the plant with water will grow the most.


  • Vinegar
  • water
  • milk
  • apple cidar
  • orange juice
  • five plants



To do this project, I will take the five plants and water them every week with the same amount of their liquids:  water, vinegar, orange juice, milk, and apple cider.  I will use one liquid per plant.


The plant with vinegar unexpectedly died the first time that I watered it.  Also, the plant with the water grew the most.  Another thing that I  noticed was that the ones with apple cider, orange juice, and milk had all grown the same height.


 My hypothesis was correct because the plant with water did grow the most.  Also, the plant with vinegar died very quickly.