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The Lever experiment



first grade science fair projectsThis first grade science fair project demonstrates the function of a lever. You will need a round pencil, an ice cream stick, a piece of tape, and some small coins like nickles. A craft stick works well also in place of the ice cream stick.

Place a flat side of the stick across the center of the pencil. At first try placing about 3/4 of the stick across and then tape it in place. The pencil should roll easily when placed on a flat surface allowing the stick to rock up and down.

I placed three nickles at the end of the short piece of the stick. When I placed one nickle at the edge of the long end it lifted the three nickles. It will depend on how much length of the stick you placed across the pencil whether it lifts three nickles by the way.

If you changed the position of the stick on the pencil making one side even shorter it will lift more weight. If you make it longer it will lift less. If its perfectly centered across the pencil it will be balanced when the same weight is applied to each side.

You can do this experiment using a board across a brick or across a small round piece of wood.. You may be able to lift an adult two or three times your weight. Aren't first grade science fair projects fun?