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How to Purify Muddy Water
by Cara H.

*Hypothesis * Materials * Procedure * Results * Conclusion *



 Muddy water can be purifed 


  • Large pan
  • plastic cup or drinking glass shorter then the pan
  • plastic wrap
  • several clean marbles
  • a rock or marble
  • masking tape
  • muddy water


  1.   Put about 4 cm of muddy water into a large pan. 
  2. Put a cup in the center of the pan ; use a few clean marbles at the bottom to hold the cup down. 
  3. Cover the pan securely with plastic wrap,but leave a little slack .
  4. Use your finger to put a little water around the rim of the pan so that you can make a good seal between the plastic and the pan. 
  5. You may want to use masking tape to keep the plastic in place. Put a rock or marble in the center of the plastic so there is a slight dip over the cup.
  6. The  plastic should not touch the water. Put it in direct sunlight.


That with condensation you can purify the muddywater and the longer eave it in the sun the more water you get. 


With the sn beating down and the condensastion  the weightin the middle of the plastic wrap it makes the water  into the cup.