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Will Temperature Affect the Amount of CO2 in Pop?

by Megan S. & Laurel J.. 

*Hypothesis * Materials * Procedure * Results * Conclusion *



we think there will be less gas in the heated pop than the cold pop. 


  • 7up, 
  • thermometer,
  • raisins, 
  • clear cups.


  1. We will put a glass of 7up by  the heater, one in the freezer, one in the refrigerator,and one in room temperature. 
  2. After a half an hour, we will take the cups out and line them up on a flat surface. 
  3. We will take a thermometer and see how  cold or warm the 7up is. 
  4. Then, one by one, we will put five raisins into each cup. 
  5. We will see in which cup the raisins go up first.


1. Hot (161oF)-124 times. 
2.Cold (34oF)- 0 times. 
3.Refrigerator(42oF)-5 times. 
4.Room temperature(72oF)-8 times. 


 We donĂ­t accept are hypothesis because the glass we put in the freezer in 2:30 seconds no raisins came up but in the worm glass the raisins came 124 times in 2:30 seconds. 

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Megan S. and Laurel J.
Timber Ridge Magnet School