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How To Make An Egg Float
by Benjamin G.

*Hypothesis * Materials * Procedure * Conclusion *



I believe that adding 4 teaspoons of  salt to a cup of water will increase the water's density so the egg will float.


  •   A  measuring cup
  • egg
  • salt
  • water and
  • teaspoon.


Take the measuring cup and make sure it is 1 Cup.  Put 1 teaspoon of salt in to the measuring cup and stir and keep putting more teaspoons until egg floats.  Record data for each teaspoon  .  Throw egg away if it becomes cracked and replace it.  After egg is floating, slowly drip luke warm fresh water around the measuring cup with a clean spoon and watch  to see the egg float in-between the salt and fresh water.   Hint: Chill the salt water first before adding fresh water.


First, I found out that it takes five teaspoons of salt to make the egg float in a cup of water.  I learned that things can float in-between layers of water because when the density is increased by adding salt to the fresh water, you can float an egg and fresh water. 
    Please Try At Home.  It's fun!